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Performance Goals Explorer (Beta) 
The following table contains goals from 100+ organizations that use Socrata for performance management. 

About the tool 

The data is obtained by using the Open Performance API on Socrata sites with the performance module. Clicking on the Title will take you to the actual goal in the organization's website. The table allows for simple search, sorting and filtering operations as well as exporting the data to a variety of open formats. 
Next Steps
  • Automate the flow of data so that goals are refreshed on a timely manner. 
  • Iterate on UI. Filters and search-first approach — Live demo of fast, forgiving (fuzzy) search.
  • Gather feedback from the performance community ! : )

Featured Performance Programs

San Mateo 


Socrata’s Practice Leader for Government Performance, Jeff Press discussed performance management with guest speakers, Pam Pannkuk, Senior Performance Advisor, Results Washington and Carter Hewgley Director of Analytics, Center for Government Excellence, Johns Hopkins University.
Unfortunately, tracking progress on the delivery of these outcomes tends to be difficult, and agencies often expand the scope of their initiatives without evaluating the right data. Until government leaders prioritize the use of performance data, data-driven management will be lost in a sea of meaningless numbers, lengthy text, and jargon.

Goals by the Numbers

Top organizations by # of public of goals
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