KDE - School Report Card: Doss High

Doss High

Prior to the signing of Senate Bill 1 in April 2017, there were two Program Review areas to be included in accountability for the 2016-17 school year: Visual and Performing Arts and Practical Living/Career Studies. There are four identical standards across both program reviews. Those standards are: (1) Curriculum and Instruction, (2) Formative and Summative Assessment, (3) Professional Learning and (4) Leadership: Support and Monitoring. Each standard is organized with demonstrators and each demonstrator has a number of characteristics. Each characteristic is worth one point and selected required characteristics are worth two points. The program review points are added for a total score resulting in a single number. Practical Living/Career Studies has a total of 74 points for elementary schools, 80 points for middle schools and 84 points for high schools. Visual and Performing Arts has a total of 49 points for elementary, 49 for middle and 49 for high schools. Once total points for each program review are determined, a percentage is calculated to determine the rating for each program: 90% = Distinguished; 75% = Proficient; below 75% = Needs Improvement. Because of the immediate effective date of SB1, a school may choose not to report its Program Review results for Visual and Performing Arts and Practical Living/Career Studies. The scores provided in this report card are only for districts that chose to report that data.
  • 7601 St Andrews Church Rd
  • Louisville  KY 40214
  • Phone: (502) 485-8239
  • Fax: (502) 485-8080
  • Jefferson County
  • School Membership: 1,042
  • Grade Range: 9th-12th
  • Status: Title 1 Eligible - Schoolwide School
  • School Year: 2016-17
  • School Code: 275100
  • Classification: A1
  • Principal: Todd Stockwell
Accountability & Performance Data
Doss High School Rating (85.4)
District Rating (92)
State Rating (75)